Rundgang 2012 • fylmklasse • Filmprogramm

Die Positionen der fylmklassen-Mitglieder im Filmprogramm:

Mi 1.2. / 20-23Uhr

Do 2.2. – So 5.2.2012 / 10 – 20 Uhr

1.OG Hörsaal

Miriam Berger - "himmelan", 1:24 min.
Miriam Berger - "himmelan", 1:24 min.
Jiwon Han - "Zwei Männer", 1 min.
Jiwon Han - "Zwei Männer", 1 min.
Yoonsuk Kim - "Was fällt, hat Flügel", 7:16 min.
Yoonsuk Kim - "Was fällt, hat Flügel", 7:16 min.
Stefan Mensching - "überall um mich herum", 19:41 min.
Stefan Mensching - "überall um mich herum", 19:41 min.
Stefan Mensching - "600° - Waiting for the 6th Act", Musikvideo, 6:51 min.
Stefan Mensching - "600° - Waiting for the 6th Act", Musikvideo, 6:51 min.
Katharina D. Martin - "Tot in der Ems", 15 min.
Katharina D. Martin - "Tot in der Ems", 15 min.

CUCOSA Rotterdam • 09 February – 10 March 2012

Katharina D. Martin U.A. // Attraction of the Opposites

For the 2nd time Attraction of the opposites brings together 10 international galleries to co-exist under one roof in a curated exhibition. Attraction of the opposites centers the body and examines the multiple layers around it as they are shaped by the social structures that confront it. The exhibition explores concepts such as individuality, identity and the group, experience versus meaning.

The exhibition –curated by Kiki Petratou- showcases new work of 15 artists working mainly in the fields of video-art and installation. Participating artists: Wietse Eeken, Dwight Marica, Alexis Milne, Hans van der Ham, Midas Zwaan, Rob van der Hoeven, Tjalling Visser, Marie-Louise Elshout, Joris Kuipers, Harm Weistra & Eddi Bal, Yasser Ballemans, Katharina D. Martin, Marcel Niehoff, Kavecs Projects (Vana Kostayola & Kostis Stafylakis), Kiki Petratou, Fotini Gouseti, Christina Calbari.

CUCOSA | Raampoortstraat 16 | 3032 AH Rotterdam
10 – 12 February Fr – Sun 12.00 – 18.00 hrs. during Art Rotterdam
16 February 09 March Thu – Sa 12.00 – 18.00 hrs

Kurzfilm Slam • 19.1.2012 • 20Uhr • Stadthausgalerie

Circle One presents // KurzFilm Slam

Kleine Streifen auf großer Leinwand kämpfen um die Gunst
des Publikums! Ob Low- No-oder High-Budget, Filmstudenten
oder Improschnell-Dreh, Handykamera, Super8 oder
… hochaufgelöste HD-Aufnahme – es ist alles erlaubt, was die
filmbegeisterten Zuschauer ins Schwärmen bringen könnte
und am Ende des Abends Punkte bringt!
Dem Sieger winken Ruhm, Ehre und die Kurzfilm Slam

music by TRUST IN WAX

VVK: 4 Euro (Vorverkaufsstellen: gruene wiese, Vertigo)
AK: 5 Euro

Kurzfilm Slam, 19.1.2012, 20 – 23Uhr, Stadthausgalerie (Rathausinnenhof), Klemensstraße 10, 48143 Münster

Circle One  (facebook)

tat wort im netz

ISCP • international studio & curatorial program New York City • 01 January – 29 February 2012

Katharina D. Martin was chosen to work in one of the studios of the ISCP New York.

The ISCP strives to establish a global network of exemplary artists and curators and to provide them with support for producing new work. Tailored for professional growth, the program serves as an active mediator, creating visibility and immersion for its residents in New York City. ISCP’s programming hybrid is conceived to facilitate dialogue and collaboration.

Katharina D. Martin | Stick

SHE DEVIL 5 • MACRO Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art • 25 June 2011 – 08 January 2012

Katharina D. Martin’s video work Stick presented in the V-tunnel of Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art.


She Devil is the latest all-female exhibition of video art that Studio Stefania Miscetti has been successfully producing for years. As in previous editions, the review includes numerous international curators and artists, the aim being to set up an open platform for new and different experiences. She Devil, the name of a Marvel comic hero and title of a famous 1989 film by Susan Seidelman, alludes playfully to the diabolical and bizarre spirit with which artistic experience explores and interacts with everyday life.

The videos focus on a female-oriented research and compare different research paths. The initiative aims to arouse, sometimes with humour and at times with realism, the collective consciousness on issues such as female identity, the body as a place of representation and meaning, and personal experience, which has a universal dimension even when it is the intimacy of artists that is brought to the foreground.